About the program

Habit #1:  February 21 – March 13
Write one email message or note thanking someone in your support network each day

Habit #2:  April 18 – May 8
Meditate for a few minutes each day

Habit #3:  May 16 – June 5
Exercise for at least a few minutes each day

Habit #4:  July 25 – August 14
Write down three different things that you are grateful for each day

Habit #5:  August 22 – September 11
Journal each day for 2 minutes about something positive that’s happened to you in the last 24 hours

Many people believe if they can be successful, they will be happy.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful;  in fact, it’s an admirable trait.  The problem lies in the implied means to the end.  True success is rarely realized by an unhappy person.  Getting that promotion will probably only lead to wanting another promotion.  Getting a cool sports car may only lead to wanting a loaded SUV.  Research shows, success does not breed happiness.  Happiness is actually the precursor to success.

So, if we at LIFE want to build a more successful community, seems to us the best place to start is to build a happier community.  Seriously, think about it, what’s the worst that can happen? We notice people seem to be smiling a bit more?  Maybe we become a little more focused?  Maybe we become a little more healthy?  Maybe we become a bit more determined?  Maybe we become a bit more thankful?  None of those sound like too threatening of outcomes.  And maybe, as a result, we not only become a more smiling, focused, healthy and thankful group – maybe, as research has shown time and time again, we become a more successful group along the way.  That’s what the Happy LIFE in Focus Experiment is all about.

Our “Experiment” will take place over the course of five distinct 21-day time periods in which the entire campus will practice a predetermined “habit” in attempts to embrace and incorporate that habit into their everyday lifestyle.  We ask for participation from everyone across campus – students, faculty, staff – and we encourage you to encourage your friends and family to join us in our journey.

Though we want and expect 100% participation across campus, the Life University Department of Positive Pyschology will simultaneously be conducting an in-depth study based on data accumulated from a small sampling -  a group of 50 volunteers from the campus.  Our goal is to determine the effectiveness of our programs and the “lasting ability” of following a prescribed “habit” for a 21 day span.  We are excited about the possibilities and the energy we hope this project will bring to campus.  Findings will be posted on this site in late 2013/early 2014.  We can’t wait to share them first with the LIFE community and ultimately, to the world.