Habit #3

May 16 – June 5, 2013

Exercise for 20 minutes each day

The third segment of our study focuses on the habit of exercise.  A healthy body is the best playground for a vitalistic mindset. After all, our bodies can only begin to heal themselves when they are at their optimal levels of performance.  It’s sort of like fueling up your car.  You can’t expect it to run at optimal levels (or even run at all!) if you don’t fill up the tank.

So the third segment of our experiment focuses on “gassing up the car.”  Starting or maintaining a regular exercise program that positions our bodies and our brains at a level of optimal performance and poised for success.

If you are already on a regular exercise program, fantastic!  Keep it up and be an inspiration to the rest of us.  If you are just starting, we are here to support you.  We will be building some exercise regimes into our day campus-wide to keep us all on task and on the path to a more healthy (and hopefully happy)  lifestyle.  It will be fun.  Promise!