Journal for at least two minutes each day about something positive that has happened to you in the last 24 hours

The  fifth habit that we’re asking of the LIFE community may be the most helpful of all in changing the lens through which we view the world.

Studies show that individuals are most likely to identify themselves as “happy”"  if their brain experiences a ratio of 3:1 positive vs. negative experiences.   Those individuals who tend to focus on the negative experiences become more negative.  Those who focus on the positive become more enlightened.

Couple that with this fact:  the pure act of sitting down and writing forces a person to focus, totally focus, on what they’re writing and internalize the emotions associated with those thoughts.  The fifth “habit” we’d like to introduce to the LIFE community is the habit of positive journaling.

During this 21 day span – and hopefully beyond – we ask each of you to write (yes – by hand!!! grab a pen) in your journals for at least two minutes on one positive thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours.  Studies show, the pure process of writing things down forces us to basically “relive” the experience and in doing so,  we double all the positive effects (more on that later) that the initial positive experience had on the brain.  In a sense, when we write details down, we force our brains to rethink those details and essentially relive the experience. The process of journaling the positives reinforces them and focuses our attention on these successes.

The Happy L.I.F.E. Experiment premises that daily positive journaling will catapult us all to places far beyond the initial success stories we jot down.  We hope the process will take us all farther along the path of “what’s important to me?” so we can better understand ourselves and better understand what happiness means to us as individuals.