Habit 1 – Saying “Thank you”

The first activity in the Happy LIFE journal that we invite you to do, with the goal of making it a daily habit, is to send an email or note out to someone in your support system or network.  It can be anyone – and you can thank them for anything you’d like as long as you feel like it’s a benefit to your life.  It might be a parent, child or partner – or you might even post a comment expressing your appreciation for a great YouTube video.  You might even write a note to a favorite artist expressing thanks for a song, story or book that really moved you.

You might get stuck some days – they don’t call it “writer’s block” for nothing!  If you do, here’s a list of 100 things to thank people for that might help get you unstuck.  And, it might also help to remember why it’s important to say “thank you” and how to make them most meaningful to the recipient.

And, you might want to take some of your expressions gratitude to the next level by sharing them in person, like the folks at Soul Pancake.

The important thing is developing our ability to feel and share gratitude for the people who enrich our lives.

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