Habit 4 – The “Gratitudes”

The fourth happy habit is actually age-old wisdom in action: Count your blessings.  This bit of advice, which your grandmother might give you, actually has some support from researchers (Emmons & McCullough, 2003).  It seems that regularly recording things for which you’re grateful may result, among other things, in you feeling generally better, sleeping better and increasing the likelihood you’ll be helpful to others.  So, basically, this exercise may even allow our positive actions to affect not only our own sense of wellbeing but that of others we come in contact with.  So, we’ll be inviting you to write down, each day, three things for which you’re grateful – or, to count your blessings.  And, the act of writing down your three gratitudes – in longhand with a pen you love, in a journal you love – may be more powerful for you.   But, maybe you’re fully invested in the digital age so that pen and paper just aren’t your thing.  Not to worry – an online journal, blog or series of Facebook post or tweets might be the perfect medium for your gratitudes.  How you capture your three gratitudes isn’t crucial – just that you make them concrete in written language.

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